Summer Quake 2008

My… have the plates shifted.

Just over five months ago, Tingting made her debut, thereby generating seismic waves through the surgeon’s orderly household. I thought I was prepared. I felt organized, experienced, calm, and ready to deal with the strains and stresses sure to arise. Silly me. I quickly realized I was quite unprepared for the 9.4 (lb) quake that struck 425 Baldwin in the early summer of 2008.

The first 2-3 weeks primarily consisted of foreshocks, with the mainshock occurring by the time Tingting reached 1 month old. At that time, she seemed to have developed a taste for crying. While I would not describe her as colicky, I believe she enjoyed a good, long cry. Soothing her required a specific rocking motion at a very specific angle and at a very specific speed. I would have loved to implement this Individualized Rocking Plan had there not been a 3-year-old girl pounding my buttons every 5 minutes. While Ayay was always very loving and motherly toward her baby sister, she channelled the devil whenever forced to interact with me, and she was forced to interact with me all day long. Together, the B-girls were a force of nature, and to keep myself from cracking under their pressure, I spent most of the summer biting my lip and clenching my jaw. Looking back, I’m shocked I didn’t break a tooth during those three months.

As for F, his schedule did not help matters. Although he was granted 1 week off once Tingting was born, it seemed he had to make up those hours and work double time during the months of June and July. If you’re keeping track, that would be 160 hours/week of work, leaving 8 hours/week for him to spend at home. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but only slightly. To F’s credit, when he was home, he was my savior — the reason I managed to keep my full set of teeth.

Today it’s 1:45pm and both girls are napping. What a treat! During this rare moment of calm, I can’t help but reflect on how life has felt somewhat easier since early September. What happened in early September? Two things — 1) Tingting decided that she had tortured me long enough with 3 months of crying and so started down the happy baby path. 2) Ayay reclaimed her joie de vivre

With both girls full of the joie and myself more adjusted to being a mother of 2, life is still chaotic but much calmer. However, I should probably prepare for some aftershocks…


One response to “Summer Quake 2008

  1. Love it! It was a pretty ridiculous adjustment here too…and I second the having to work double to make up for the ‘time off’. We just have to remember that the light at the end of the tunnel may include a nanny for ‘me time’ 🙂

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