Fashion Forward, Yet Fashion Stalled



The Chosen One

The Chosen One

The day starts with the usual, “Mommmeeeeeeee. I’m awake! I want breakfast.” Out of a dark room dashes Ayay, loudly stating her presence, verbally, physically and, of course, fashionably. She’s wearing one of her layered pajama ensembles. This morning it’s a clash of the tartans and the fairies.

All is going as planned. Ayay is eating her Honey Nut O’s, Tingting is eating the sun on her playstation and I’m waiting for my 2nd cup of coffee to kick in.

I look at my watch – 7:45am.

And so the drama begins…

Perhaps my toughest mornings begin with AyAy unable to decide what to wear for the day. I find this nearly impossible given the fact that she has dozens of dresses hanging in her closet. Dresses knee-length, tea-length, mini and maxi…A-line, empire, cowl neck, and bohemian…embellished with ruffles, ruching, eyelets, and epaulettes…a colorful sea of tulle, organza, charmeuse and shantung. (It’s definitely not a minimalist’s closet. It’s a collection I wish I had myself.)

Ayay’s dresses are practically begging her to wear them.

“Pick me! Pick me!” the dresses seem to scream.

Instead, it is Ayay screaming and writhing on her floor donning Sleeping Beauty underwear and nothing else. She wants help picking an outfit. Okay…how about this one, I suggest. This one? Ok, this one!

Her reply: No, no, no! I don’t want ANY of them.

I try my next tactic: OK. If you can’t choose, I’m going to pick one for you.

More screams.

I try approaching her, tangerine halter maxi dress in hand, but that’s met with even more screams. With all this screaming going on, I anticipate a knock on my door any minute. Everything is just fine, Officer, I’ll explain. My daughter is screaming bloody murder because she’s having trouble deciding what to wear. No, really!

I leave her room in stunned silence as she continues her performance of a tortured soul. Ten minutes later, I return to her room with a brilliant idea. I pick 3 dresses, then she chooses 1. It’s teamwork. Ayay loves teamwork. That seems to work, at least this one time. I’ll take what I can get. We finally leave the house 45 minutes after this episode started. 

My husband never fails to remind me that Ayay’s indecision, especially when it comes to clothing, is a trait she inherited directly from me. Hmm…Well, as a friend of mine always said,”Anything for fashion.” Even enduring 45 minutes practically paralyzed by indecision? Yup. I totally get it. Like mother, like daughter. 


4 responses to “Fashion Forward, Yet Fashion Stalled

  1. Who said, “anything for fashion?”

    I have a solution- throw everything out and leave only 1 dress in the closet. Decision made.

  2. I’ve made that threat…didn’t have the heart to do it!

    Please note – Anything for fashion – is a direct quotation from my most fashion forward friend, Anya Ronshaugen!

  3. sooooooooo funny!

  4. I thought it was me who said that!! Yes, I remember many a day hobbling around Reed campus in brand new shoes. TOTALLY worth it!

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