Lost Without Borders


St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area

St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area

If you visit the surgeon’s home, you’ll notice not only is the there an overflowing amount of ice cream, but also there is abundance of books. The Bahnsons LOVE books. F and I have been voracious readers since childhood, Ayay indulges herself in books any chance she gets, and lately Tingting has been devouring books large and small. Though Tingting prefers eating them to reading them, she does show interest in the pictures and print as well. As a former first grade teacher, I have dedicated much of my time and energy sharing my love of books with my students and helping them develop their own reading skills so that they can take advantage of what books have to offer. What better way to spend an afternoon than to escape reality and visit a world of wizards, anthropomorphized animals, time travel, and gay penguins?

This past weekend, my friends and I were roaming the downtown streets of St. Louis, MO. After enduring enough of the cold, windy November morning, we started searching for a bookstore, hoping to escape the chill and peruse the bookstore shelves. Not wanting to get lost in this unfamiliar metropolis, we decided to pop into the Visitors Center and ask the locals to direct us to a nearby bookstore.

The friendly man seemed sad when he said, “Sorry. There’s no bookstore around here. The last bookstore we had was a B.Dalton but that closed down. There’s no bookstore within city limits.**”

My jaw dropped, my eyes widened, and I started having what felt like a panic attack…WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

No bookstore in the city? Is that even legal? I wasn’t expecting Strand Bookstore or Powell’s City of Books, but what’s a city without Borders? A city easy to flee, that’s what. It was nice visiting ya, St. Louis, but gotta go…no bookstore, no Bahnson. Westward, ho!

**The St. Louis Metropolitan Stastistical Area has a population of just under 3,000,000 people.  This area consists of the City of St. Louis, St Louis County, and various other surrounding counties. The City of St. Louis has a population of approximately 350,000 people. While there do exist many bookstores in St. Louis County and other parts of the Metropolitan Statistical Area, as of November 8, 2008, according to the Visitors Center, there exists no bookstore within the actual City of St. Louis.


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  1. This is appalling.

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