The Many Disguises of Ayay

One of F’s co-workers recently asked in disbelief, “Does your daughter dress up as a princess everyday?” Well, duh.

Standard Dress-up Box Items

Frequently donned accessories

Ayay’s princess of choice varies from day-to-day. Belle is often a favorite, and thanks to Nana J, Ayay has 2 Belle dresses. Sometimes Ayay is “casual” Belle in the living room reading books or she is “fancy” Belle singing and dancing solo at the ball.

At least 3 times a week, Ayay is Snow White tidying up the house, baking a treat, checking on the turkey in the oven, or looking for a lost dwarf under her bed, behind the doors, or in Tingting’s crib.

You’ll also find Giselle running around the house screaming, “Help, help!” Ayay is Giselle pretending to fall off the back of the couch and is waiting for me (as McDreamy, uh, I mean Robert) to catch her.

Ariel makes an appearance quite often. You might see Ariel swimming across the floor trying to save Prince Eric, or you’ll see her sitting on a chair in a special Ariel pose  singing, “Ah ah ahhhh, ah ah ahhhh…” (Quick Sidenote: Just the other day, Ayay explained to me that when Tingting is on her tummy trying desperately to move even just a centimeter, she is actually pretending to be Ariel swimming through the ocean. Princess immersion is starting early for Tingting!)

Perhaps the princess you’ll see most frequently is Cinderella. Ayay clomps around in her plastic-glass slippers and holds up her tattered blue Cinderella dress as she runs through the house.

“Oops,” she says while looking at me and then looking down at the slipper that has “fallen” off of her foot. “Mommy,” she says impatiently. “Let’s play you’re the prince and I’m Cinderella. You say, ‘Wait, I don’t even know your name.'”

I channel my inner Prince Charming and play along, “Wait. I don’t even know your name.” Then I proceed to chase her with slipper in hand. I slide the slipper back on her tiny foot and exclaim, “Yeah! I found my princess!” We hug and repeat, over and over and over again. This can go on all afternoon.

“Ok, I’m so tired of playing princess,” Ayay sighs.

“Phew, I need a break,” I think to myself as I plop down on the couch.

A millisecond later, Ayay springs up and says, “Now I’m going to be a fairy. And you’re my kitty and Tingting is my puppy.” And off she skips back to her magical dress-up box.



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