Our Pride and Joy

You never know what will (and will not) come out of a child.

It’s a rare treat when F isn’t chained to the hospital and has the chance to spend an entire day with the family. We had such a day recently. After a relaxing, productive, and always entertaining day, we sat down to dinner. I had slaved in the kitchen to prepare a nice wholesome meal…boiled some tortellini, heated up some sauce with meatballs, washed some sugar snap peas. Sounds simple, but being culinarily challenged, this was an accomplishment for me. Sad, I know, though I never claimed to be a cook! I digress…

While sipping some pinot, munching on our meal, and silently reflecting on our pleasant family day, Fred let out a sigh of contentment and declared, “I’m so proud of my family.”

To which Ayay replied with great pride, “Yeah, I don’t poop in my underwear!”

The things that make us proud!



One response to “Our Pride and Joy

  1. I peed a little when I read this.

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