Livin’ in the 805

Will I ever be able to leave this place?

I left the munchkins with my mom this morning and went for a run toward the Mission. While running, I thought about my most recent conversations with F. These conversations have revolved around what we will do in 3.5 years when F is finally done with this nauseating roller coaster ride called General Surgery Residency. We thought for sure we’d move back to Portland, but lately, my hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin has been appealing. There F could be a true general surgeon, Chicago is less than a 2-hour drive away, and we could afford to build our dream house. Ooh, and we’d have true seasons, which I’ve missed ever since migrating to the west coast over 10 years ago.

Before I left for my run, my mom checked the weather in Wisconsin — a bone-chilling 9 degrees with some snow on the ground. Hmmm…

Early December in Santa Barbara and I’m running in knee length pants and a short-sleeve mesh shirt while gazing at ocean, mountains, and the historic Santa Barbara Mission. My mind starting racing: F as a true general surgeon in Wisconsin? He could do that right here in SB!  Four seasons? The humid summers and cold, dry winters give me way too many bad hair days.  Chicago? We’ve got LA.  And as for our dream house?  A shack in Santa Barbara isn’t sounding so bad after all…


2 responses to “Livin’ in the 805

  1. No more posts like this. Your audience objects to the idea that you may live in, and enjoy, the Midwest on a permanent basis. Well, at least, this part of your audience.
    Gotta listen to the demand, man.

  2. I just read about 10 posts in a row…I didn’t realize how long it had been before I read blogs…but I guess i was bad at posting on vacation as well. So good! I totally relate to the falling-asleep mid-sentence…

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