The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo (aka my employers) photo by Drea M.

While it’s true that our household prefers Belle to Batman, 2 mini superheroines live right under our roof.

To quote my oh-so-brilliant, though perpetually tired and groggy, surgeon husband, “We’ve got the Unstoppable Force and the Immoveable Object on our hands.” Quite clever, I think, especially since his eyelids were at half-mast when making this comment.

At 3 1/2 years old, Ayay is the Unstoppable Force ready to take on any adult who stands in her way. Her special powers include an endless supply of energy and speed driven by legs that can only skip, run, gallop or scissor kick: Thud, th-thud, th-thud, th-thud, zoom, whoooooosh! There she goes from living room to bedroom able to leap over 20-pound Tingting in a single bound.

Ayay also possesses a strength and determination to conquer any portion of a play structure: Holy s***! How did she climb that thing? AND she crossed the monkey bars all by herself?

Her keen sense of hearing surprises most people (especially her primary retainer) when she reveals information that was mumbled to oneself: Daddy, my Mommy says you leave dirt all over the house and you don’t sweep very well.

Then there is her very curious and sometimes insatiable mind: Daddy, why do we call tomorrow tomorrow but tomorrow we say is today? Daddy, if the Earth is moving why aren’t we moving? Why? Why? Why?

Meanwhile, 6-month-old Tingting is the Immoveable Object who attacks adults in more subtle ways. Sidekick she is NOT! Her unique baby powers include a solidly constructed body, made up of pillow cheeks and rolls of thighs, which never fails to give an arm workout to whomever is carrying her: Oh Tingting, I can’t carry you anymore. My arms are getting tired, says Nana J.

Tingting also has her own special language used to communicate with her sister and others of a select group: Ah, ga shhhh ahhhh bbshhhh rrrr ba ba dada vaaaa…

Her sneaky ability to pull hair with a single yank is sure to catch anyone off guard: Ah, no not my hair. Ouch. Let go let go let go. Ok, mercy!

And then there are her oral powers. Tingting can chew and drool on most anything: Ah, Tingting got my arm. And my thumb! And my nose! Ewww. I’ve been slobbered on!

Ayay and Tingting are a powerful duo. Ayay attacks by wearing out her caregivers with her boundless energy and endless curiousity, while Tingting prefers more hand/mouth/body weight combat. It’s best to work with them, not against them.




3 responses to “The Dynamic Duo

  1. Came back for a visit. Lovely prose to describe some darling little super-powers.

  2. what a lovely looking employers.


  3. Sisters! What fun! They are DeeelightFULL.

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