Sucked In

Could my daughter be a vampire? Of course not, but my imagination runs wild now and then…

I must admit what many of my very intelligent female friends have been admitting to me: I am a full-grown woman, bachelor and master’s degrees under my belt, mother of 2, and I am happily devouring every single page of the Twilight Saga. Actually, to be even more honest, I am obsessed with it in the way I was obsessed with Corey Haim and NKOTB as a pre-teen.

The Twilight Saga is deliciously addictive with its vampires, teen romance, suspense, vampire hottie Edward, all sorts of social/physical/emotional tension, humor, mysterious vampires, werewolves, oh and did I mention vampires? 

I have been so consumed by these books that it has affected my day-to-day life. There have been a couple of times when I’ve thought, “Maybe I should take a break from this book. I’m going a bit crazy.”

One morning last week, while eating breakfast, Ayay had an odd, faraway look in her eyes.

“What are you looking at?” I asked her.

She very quietly responded, “I’m looking at your neck…” At least that’s what I thought she said.

“What?” I asked, as vampire thoughts started racing through my head.

“I’m looking at my picture,” she answered. Oh. Yes, the picture she drew last night, the one hanging on the refrigerator, just over my right shoulder. Yikes. Did I really think she could have been a vampire???

That was my first indication that Twilight was taking over my life. The second happened today.

Just this morning, while I was feeding Tingting her breakfast, Ayay was crawling under the table looking for a lost honey nut O. Suddenly, I felt a piercing sensation on the top of my foot. Holy crap. Ayay bit me! Like a vampire! My daughter really is a vampire!

“I was pretending to be a puppy,” she defended herself.

Hmm. Ok, she’s not a typical vampire but a vampire puppy. Like the vampire bunny Bunnicula. Ever hear of Bunnicula? Oh, yeah, another fictitious book. I’m going crazy. Maybe I should stop reading the Twilight series for a while once I finish book 3. But book 4 is sitting on my shelf. Obviously,  I am way too enraptured to stop now.




2 responses to “Sucked In

  1. Note to self; Must, must, must read Twilight!

  2. recommendation #35, at least – guess I will put this on my list! loving the time I have for reading these days. Finally can read something besides what I must for book group.

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