Caught Red-Handed

Hmm, it sure is quiet in the playroom, I think to myself as I’m sitting on the couch feeding P.Lo.  A second later, I hear the rustling of markers. Ah, Ayay is probably just coloring a princess picture or creating another Jackson Pollock-style piece. 

“You okay in there?” I call to her.

“Yes,” she sings innocently. “I’m just making a picture.”

“Okay. Finish up so we can read books before naptime,” I sing back as P-Nizzle finishes chugging her 6-ounce.

“Okay. But I need to wash my hands first!” she shouts excitedly.


“Oh, did you get some marker on your hands?” I ask as P.Lo and I enter the playroom.

As I approach Ayay at her writing table, I glance at her picture. Oh, she traced her hand all by herself, I think to myself. She must have gotten a little red marker on the edge of her hands.

Ayay looks up at me and shows me her hands. I stop in my tracks, my mouth hanging open in disbelief.  I stop because that’s what her hands are telling me to do. The palms of her hands are COVERED in bright red marker as if she soaked them in a pan of red paint. 

“I have marker on my hands, but I didn’t do it. It just got there,” she says sweetly.

“What do you mean you didn’t do it? You didn’t color all over your hands and fingers with that red marker?” I ask as Ayay struggles to place the cap back on the marker.

“No, it just got there. I don’t know how.” She shrugs and shakes her head as if she really has no idea what happened.

Those are washable markers, right? Phew. I steer Ayay into the bathroom where we furiously scrub her hands with 3 different soaps, 2 different cloths, and the warmest water she can stand for about 10 minutes. Washable, yes? Easily washable? More like trying to scrub tar off the bottoms of your feet. Too bad I can’t let her hands soak for a while, like dirty pots and pans.

Oh, and I must add that Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap could use a little more magic.



One response to “Caught Red-Handed

  1. Ah-ha, you should read Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch. It is all about this sort of thing! Hee hee hee

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