I Feel the Need…the Need for Speed.

My Discontinued Dream Car

The Discontinued Aston Martin Vanquish - My Dream Car


As in cars, not drugs.

I have an uncharacteristic craving for a luxury sports car. Here in Santa Barbara, I’ve become somewhat desenstitized to seeing them since they are aplenty. It’s not unusual to be parking one of the few non-luxury cars in a local parking lot. Despite this, every now and then I do see one that catches my eye and sends me pining for a sports car of my own.

Yesterday morning, I dropped Ayay off at preschool and did my I-have-a-baby-on-my-hip strut back to our Highlander hybrid. As I was approaching our car, I noticed a sleek curvy black beauty purr up to the parking spot beside mine. As the parent unloaded her child, I waited patiently, mesmerized by the smooth, flawless exterior and blindingly shiny platinum rims. After getting Tingting into her carseat, I eyed the car again, taking a peek at the tan leather interior and wood panelling. I glanced inside the preschool to see where the parent was, fighting the urge to run my fingers along this beautiful machine. After a few deep breaths, I managed to suppress that urge. I got into my car and drove away as slowly as I could, in order to take note that the car was an Infiniti G37. Not my dream car, but I’d take one if given to me!

I'll settle for this one.

I'll settle for this one, but in black. (V8 Vantage)

For me, my dream car is one driven by both 007 and Edward Cullen… the Aston Martin Vanquish. Give me one with keyless entry, tinted windows, black exterior, tan interior, amazing sound system…And it’s not that I want to drive fast. It’s more about having the car and loving the car.  I’d be so good to it – I’d park it in a garage, clean and polish it several times a week. And I would keep the interior looking pristine. You won’t find petrified raisins or cheese cubes, nor will you find shoe marks, loose “treasures” or chewed up baby books. That’s because there will be no munchkin car seats. It’ll be a Mommy-only car. My safe haven.

Unfortunately, the Vanquish was discontinued in 2007. In that case, I’ll take the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. In black. And maybe I will drive it fast every now and then while listening to Paramore.




2 responses to “I Feel the Need…the Need for Speed.

  1. ill go for the aston martin too.

  2. Maybe for your birthday?

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