Lulu, Skip to My Lu…Skip to My lululemon

I don’t intentionally try to teach my daughter brand names, but there’s one name and logo she’s come to know very well. That is the lululemon label. (That’s not a typo. The name is lululemon athletica, no capital letters.) My love affair with lululemon began about 5 years ago when I walked into the Portland store. The fabrics, the colors, the jackets, pants, tops and bags…I immediately fell in love with all of it, and to this day, I can’t resist touching and trying on almost everything in the store. Over the past 5 years, I have gradually shoved my old workout gear of baggy t-shirts and uncomfortable shorts to the back of my drawers and replaced it all with stretchy, fitted lululemon workout gear.  I am a lululemon lover,  and  I’ve even gotten F to don lululemon shirts under his scrubs.

With all this lululemon stuff in the house, it’s inevitable that Ayay would come to know the name. She even seems to have lululemon radar. One day, when her ballet teacher quickly glided by , she said, “Mommy, my ballet teacher is wearing a lululemon shirt!” 

“How do you know that?”  I asked her.

“I saw the lululemon thing on the back,” she explained.

Last weekend, we walked into the local lululemon store. Ayay and Tingting were in the stroller watching F go through the racks. As a sales associate approached and started talking to F, Ayay said, “My daddy already has that jacket in black. And he has the grey t-shirt  with the pocket on the sleeve with the lululemon thing on it.”

The sales associate asked, “Did she just call it lululemon?”

“Yeah, she recognizes the logo.”

“That’s awesome!” the sales associate replied.

“I wish they made lululemon for kids,” Ayay often yearns. Oh, how cute would that be. I can already see us hitting Shipwreck Park in matching black hipster pants and purple origami jackets. I never thought I’d be the matching type, but matching in lululemon, now that I would do! 



2 responses to “Lulu, Skip to My Lu…Skip to My lululemon

  1. Danger….danger…I hope the DO NOT make lululemon for kids. One addiction is enough!

  2. So true! lululemon for kids would not be good for my bank account!

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