Meating with Surgeons

“Mommy! Are the doctors coming today?” Ayay asked.

“Yup, they’ll be here this afternoon, after your nap.”

This weekend, F hosted a bbq for all the general surgery residents, partly to relax after a morning exam and partly to put his new grill to use. While the guests brought sides and beverages, F provided a Costco supply of meat. Yum!

Throughout the afternoon, Ayay kept referring to everyone as “the doctors.”

“Mommy! One of the doctors painted a rainbow on my picture,” she told me.

“Mommy! That doctor has red shoes like I do, ” she pointed out.

“Mommy! If a doctor finds one of the treasures in my sandbox, she can’t take it home,” she explained.

The event was reminiscent of my own childhood. As a daughter of 2 doctors, our social functions almost always involved at least 6 other doctors and their families. I can already see my own daughters playing at many more future bbq’s while conversations of hernias, colon resections, and laparoscopic cholecystectomies fill the background.

I think we should make the next bbq a little more exciting — perhaps a meat carving contest? Or maybe they could play a game of Operation? Just a thought. As a former first-grade teacher, my first inclination is to think of “activities” to do at parties!

And for the record, I must commend F’s grilling skills. The recovering vegetarian grills a delicious tri-tip!




3 responses to “Meating with Surgeons

  1. must be an interesting get together.

  2. Yup, Dad, you would have felt right at home grilling meat and talking shop with the young surgeons!

  3. Wa when you were a kid you always tell me ” Mom give her Pitocin or what are you waiting for, do cesarian. ” then I asked. How do you know about these. You answeresd, ” I always hear it from you and Auntie Chita and Uncle George.”
    Now its the Girls turn listening to all the medical terms.

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