I should be in bed right now, maybe reading my book and drifting off to sleep, but instead I’m waiting for F to come home from his fancy work dinner.

I’m tired and desperately in need of sleep – sleep that would prevent crabby Maggie from emerging in the morning. Instead, I’m waiting…

F wasn’t home for dinner or the girls’ bedtime tonight because of his work dinner. He won’t be home tomorrow night either because he’s on call. So I won’t see him until mid-day Thursday, during which he’ll be half asleep half the time. So, I’m waiting up for him tonight…so we can spend a few minutes of quality time together, of course. Ok, and because he’s bringing me my favorite frozen yogurt. Ok, I’m waiting up mainly because he’s bringing me my frozen yogurt. I hope he brings home enough so I can have some tomorrow night. 

Oh, where oh where can my fro-yo be…




2 responses to “Waiting

  1. I also feel like, when I should be sleeping, it’s the only time i get to myself…so even if it’ll make me nicer, I would feel suffocated by being with the kids ALL of my waking hours. Hope the fro yo was good..always worth waiting up for 🙂

  2. I was about to say, wow you are so sweet to wait up! Ha ha! As if you could save some for the next night! I couldn’t!

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