Bring Out the Guns

I haven’t been inside a Claire’s Boutique probably since I was 12 years old. At that time, I was in the market for fake eyeglasses to complete my then-desired “studious” look. I had the silky vest to go over my crisp white collared shirt, the Joey McIntyre-inspired hat, and all I needed was the fake eyeglasses. Claire’s was (and still seems to be) the place to go for cheap trendy accessories.

Yesterday, we took Ayay into Claire’s and for her, it was better than a candy store. Once she stepped 3 feet into the store, she was surrounded by pink and purple items embellished with sequins, sparkles, and glitter.

As she and F were standing in line waiting to talk to the salesperson, she pointed out a pink cell phone holder decorated with pink sequins.

“Oooh, can I get one of those?” she asked.

“No. We’re here for just one thing, remember,” answered F.

After talking with the salesperson, F lifted Ayay into a tall chair where she immediately decided on the pink sparkly flowery pair. The salesperson carefully prepped the materials while Ayay waited very quietly and patiently, clutching the Claire’s giant teddy bear. After a few minutes, the salesperson went to the back room to fetch another salesperson.

When they came back to the counter, she told F,”We do both at the same time.”

The women picked up the guns, placed them on the appropriate marks and…BANG.



“OW,” said Ayay. Then a smile spread across her face as she looked in the mirror.







3 responses to “Bring Out the Guns

  1. Every time I walk into a Claire’s, it’s like my whole life flashes before my eyes. I still get sentimental about the place since I spent so much time there in my teens!

    What a soldier you have there!

  2. I had a feeling you were a Claire’s person! I used to go almost every weekend, just to look around.

  3. that is rad that they do both ears at once now. i still remember being three and having to rally for the second ear after the first one was done. way to go C!!

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