What’s God Got to Do With It (Got to Do With It?)

“We’re god-sisters!” Ayay and her friend Juliet exclaimed as they ran up to greet Grandpa Jim.

I asked my friend Renee if she and her husband Nate (parents of Juliet and baby Violet) would be Tingting’s godparents.  I was confident they would say yes since I’ve known them for 14 years, and they have known Tingting since her conception. However, I didn’t realize how seriously they would take on their roles as godparents. (Neither the Bahnsons nor the Ridberg-Kornell clan are very religious. Not to say you need to be religious to be godparents, but we all willingly and excitedly attended a college whose supposed motto is “Communism, Atheism, Free Love.” I’m not sure how many Reed alums would find themselves intimately involved in a Catholic baptism.)

I asked Renee:

I’ve got a favor to ask — will you and Nate be Penelope’s “godparents?” You don’t have to do a thing (and you don’t have to fly to Chicago where the baptism will be.) I guess we’d expect you to attend Penelope’s wedding and maybe even keep in touch with her if I go crazy and end up locked away in the loony bin. And look at it this way, you’d be forever held in high esteem by the Catholic God, in case you ever want to convert. (I knew that last part would be the clincher for them. Ha!)

Renee responded with:

OMG!  I am SO INCREDIBLY honored that you asked us.  Seriously, this is so fantastic!  I’ve always wanted to be a godmother. When P wants to run away because you won’t let her have sex or do drugs she can come running to us where I’ll tell her that she can’t be a slut or a drug addict but maybe she’ll listen cause i’m her hip (hopefully) godmother! 

Now that’s what I call a serious, devoted, and PERFECT godmother! And since Renee and Nate are now Tingting’s godparents, Ayay and Juliet have claimed to be god-sisters. So I suppose Tingting and Violet are also god-sisters. Which makes the Bahnsons and Ridberg-Kornells god-families? Sounds good to me! Oh, wait, is that the sound of a lightning bolt?




One response to “What’s God Got to Do With It (Got to Do With It?)

  1. R is SO funny. She’s coined the term GFF’s: God Families Forever.

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