Sports Buff or Sports Bluff

I must say, having 2 girls left me with a real blessing — no little league baseball games to watch! Little did I know that at the park this afternoon, Ayay would take such a huge interest in the “little boys in red and blue” out on the baseball field.  She insisted that we sit down and watch.

“Please, Mommy. Please! Come on! Just say Ok, fine,” she said as she jumped off the swing.

“Ok, fine…” I said.

It was the red team vs the blue team, and as we sat down to watch, the red team was taking the field and a little blue guy was up to bat. Throughout the entire first inning, Ayay sputtered off question after question.

“Why are all the blue guys going over there? Why do they have numbers on their shirts? Who is that boy in that black stuff behind the boy with the bat? Why do they have to catch the ball? Why are those red guys standing so far away?”

As a child, I watched my brother and my cousin play little league baseball (oh, how I envied them for all the Gatorade they got to drink) and spent summer evenings watching NY Mets games on TV while my mom yelled, “Oh, sheeeeet! Oh, sheeeeet! Go, go, go!” (Mets games really got her going. It was one of the rare occasions when I heard her swear. No shit.) I had developed a good understanding of the game and could actually answer Ayay’s questions.

“Ooh, he stole a base!” I exclaimed.

Ayay responded, “It’s not nice to steal! Why is he stealing?”

“You’re right, but in baseball it’s ok because it’s a way to try and get points for his team. Stealing bases gets him closer to home plate, which is where he needs to get to in order to score a point.” 

As I was explaining all the innings and strikeouts of baseball, I wondered to myself, “Now why isn’t F here teaching her about baseball?”  Oh yeah, he’s on call. And when it comes to sports, unless it is cycling or martial arts, F has a hard time keeping straight NFL, NBA, and MLB. To help him shoot the shit with sports loving doctors during those 4-hour cases, I often text him with the latest sports updates so he can make small talk. Yeah, when it comes to sports, F makes me look like an ESPN sportscaster. The next Hannah Storm, perhaps?




5 responses to “Sports Buff or Sports Bluff

  1. thats correct, my favorute team was Mets, sep. when Tom Seaver and T. McGrow ( hope my spelling is correct ) were pitching. It makes me really nervous watching them, most of the time the score is very low. Now you may have to watch baseball games. Ay2seems interested with the game.

  2. I had no idea your mom was a Mets fan! I am too…well the whole family is. Your story abuot Fred not knowing anything about sports cracked me up! 🙂

  3. I’m a Mets fan too.

    This was a cute entry, Maggie.

  4. My parents lived in NY when they first immigrated to the US. Both my brother and I were born in Brooklyn and then moved to Wisconsin when I was almost 5 yrs old. We grew up rooting for the Mets, Giants and Knicks.

  5. Fred assures me he can distinguish NFL from NBA from MLB.

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