The Boy Single Ladies

Beyonce recently held a “Single Ladies” dance video contest. The best fan-created video of “Single Ladies” choreography will be shown on her world tour. (Unfortunately, Ayay, Tingting and I couldn’t get our act together in time to submit a video.) I can’t find the results of the contest, but this version by The Dan Band would be my pick. Ayay calls it “the boy single ladies.” (If you search youtube, you’ll find a surprising number of male individuals and trios recreating “Single Ladies.” This was Ayay’s favorite boy version because they do a leap off of the car.) Enjoy!



3 responses to “The Boy Single Ladies

  1. I am dying – I should be working and I am watching this!! So, does Cecilia have any of the moves down?

  2. that guy looks seriously upset that he does not have a ring on his left hand. you can tell by the fire in his dance moves. hysterical. good choice, C-town.

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