The Jewels Stop Here

It comes as no surprise that Ayay loves ANYTHING bejeweled. You’ll often find her twirling around the house wearing shimmery beads, fake diamond encrusted tiaras, glittery dresses, bespangled fairy wings and, of course, pink sparkly flower earrings.

“Look, mama. Those are so pretty! I love them. I absolutely LOVE them!” she says as we walk by a display of jewelry in a department store.

“Mama, get this dress. It’s so sparkly and has diamonds on the top!” she tells me as she runs her hands along a purple and pink sequined dress.

“This is my favorite piggy bank because there are diamonds on the piggy’s head,” she explains to me as she caresses the diamonds on the piggy bank.

Perhaps her love for the bejeweled has gone a little too far.

“I want diamonds for my teeth,” she said to F one day. “I’ve seen people with diamonds on their teeth. They’re pretty.”


Iced Out Grillz (for top or bottom teeth)

“What does she mean she wants diamonds for her teeth?” I asked F.

“She wants a grill,” F explained. “That’s it. No more music videos and no, you don’t need diamonds on your teeth.”

“I agree with your dad,” I said. “And don’t try to ask Nana Joy because even she won’t let you have diamonds for your teeth.”





7 responses to “The Jewels Stop Here

  1. I love this. When I was little I would go shopping with my mom and I would hide in the rack of dresses and pick up any little sequins that fell to the floor. It drove my mom crazy! I kept my collection of them for years!

  2. That is funny! I have a feeling Cecilia is heading in that direction!

  3. Oh my God, I love this. What a doll.

  4. Your Mommy is right Ay2. Nana Joy will give diamonds but not diamonds on your teeth, maybe diamonds for your neck, wrists , ears, etc.Your very funny CEcilia. We love you very much and also Ting2.She will get diamonds too but not on her teeth.

  5. Your Tita will get you diamonds for your teeth. And they can spell something, if you like. Isn’t your birthday coming up??

  6. And tell your dad if he wants diamonds for his teeth as a belated birthday present, I can probably hook that up, too.

  7. maggiebahnson

    F says Tita Malia’s niece privileges are cut off until she retracts her above statements.

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