Pay Day!

“What are you looking at, Mommy?” Ayay asked me one morning as I was having some “Mommy quiet time” on the computer.

“I’m just looking around…seeing what kinds of jobs are out there,” I told her.

“When we didn’t have Penelope, you worked, but now that Penelope is here, you don’t work,” she explained.

“Yup. Would you rather I work or not work?”

“Not work!”


“Because when you worked, I went to school everyday and now I go only 4 times. I like it when you’re home more because I like being with you and I love you so much. And my Daddy works SO SO much at the hospital. I like it when you’re home more.”

I immediately exited out of Safari, snapped shut the laptop and gave Ayay a hug. That was 10 times better than a paycheck, and it was exactly what I needed to hear.





3 responses to “Pay Day!

  1. What a sweetheart 🙂

  2. emotional bonus! score!

  3. Oh, That’s so great! I can totally relate to the job search though!

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