We checked into our hotel at Disneyland and then meandered through the building. Mini-princesses wearing glitter and tulle were running down the hallways and weaving in between tables and chairs. In the Storytellers Cafe, a 3-foot tall Sleeping Beauty was being chased by her father, while a sticky-fingered Snow White sat crying in “time out” on a bench near the entryway. Back in the grand lobby, little boys and girls modeling Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears sat in mini-rocking chairs watching vintage Disney cartoons. Meanwhile, their exhausted caretakers sat slumped over in oversized comfy chairs.

As we climbed a magnificent wooden staircase back to our room, Ayay sighed, “I feel like I’m in a dream.”

“Did she really just say that?” I asked F. (It’s worth noting that we haven’t even been inside the park yet, just in the hotel.)

As for Tingting — Perhaps feeling somewhat ignored as F, Ayay and I were unpacking our own suitcases, she decided to get my attention by articulately saying “Mama” for the first time. (She’s been saying mah mah mah, but today she seemed to really put it together into Mama.) Meaning, Mama is her first true word, even before Dada. I was ecstatic. Disneyland really is the Happiest Place on Earth!


3 responses to “Arrival

  1. I can’t even read these entries anymore! I’m way too jealous!

    and congrats to you and P!

  2. Were sure Ay2 will have a wonderful time. She may want to go back to Disney on her next Bday. Were excited about Ting2 talking. She will mumble more words when you come to Chicago, she may start walking too. have fun. Tcre , we love you .See you all soon.

  3. Congratulations on MaMa! Charlie nicely says DaDa quite frequently…now if he’d only call it out in the middle of the night!

    Have a ton of fun! i’ve still never been to a Disney park 😦

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