Terrorized by Disney

Chip and Dale the chipmunks, Kenai the bear, a Raccoon, a Gorilla — all of these giant furry characters led to fear, tears, and screams of bloody murder from Tingting. Even though Tingting witnessed her big sister exchanging hugs and kisses with these characters, Tingting wanted nothing to do with them.


Tingting can sense a Disney character looming behind her!


The gorilla does look a bit creepy.



4 responses to “Terrorized by Disney

  1. In P’s defense, I’d be terrified of that gorilla too!

    She’s going to be SO embarrassed by these pictures when she’s older 🙂

  2. Dude that gorilla is kind of creepy! What movie is that from? I don’t recall…

    So did she see it, and then freak, or did she just start freaking?!

  3. maggiebahnson

    I couldn’t figure out who the gorilla was or which movie she’s from. The gorilla came around and hugged Cecilia and then walked away but came back around from the back. So I think Penelope knew the gorilla was still in the area and got a glance of it behind her and started freaking out again.

  4. it’s not from Jungle Book, is it? There’s another movie that I think it may be from but I can’t think of the name.

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