They Call Her Christian

Tingting is officially Christian, having been baptized in the Catholic Church just a few days ago. Despite being about 30 minutes late for our own ceremony, due to the fact that we just HAD to stop at the mall to shop for new kids’ clothes which then led to us hitting the start of Chicago’s rush hour traffic, God warmly welcomed Tingting into the Catholic Church.

Unlike her big sister Ayay, who tore the baptismal cloth off her chest and shrieked as if being scalded by the holy water, Tingting was calm, cooperative and enjoyed all things baptismal, especially the holy water as it ran over her head. F thinks Tingting must be the white sheep of the family.  

Iggy, JP2 and Benny must be very proud.


2 responses to “They Call Her Christian

  1. YAY! Welcome to the fold TingTing 🙂 I didn’t realize you lived close to Chicago?

  2. maggiebahnson

    My parents live less than 2 hours north of Chicago, just over the Illinois/Wisconsin border. It’s a very easy drive to Chicago, and we took advantage of that quite a bit.

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