Zoot Suit Riot

I finally got it. It being the Zoot Fuzion Wetsuit. Yesterday, I slipped it on for size. What? Okay, maybe I didn’t slip it on – if you’ve ever tried on a wetsuit you know it’s all about a plastic bag and a lot of tugging, shimmying, and sweating.

Okay, so they look pretty hot in their wetsuits. I wish I could say that was a picture of me!

Okay, so they look pretty hot in their Fuzion wetsuits. I wish I could say I'm the one on the left.

I would not say the wetsuit is flattering. Is a wetsuit ever flattering? Of course, it’s supposed to be snug. It really looks like a second skin with swirly designs here and there, one being on the lower back and could easily pass as a tramp stamp. (No offense to those with tramp stamps, this tramp is also permanently stamped.)

Now that I have the wetsuit, what am I supposed to do? Swim? In the ocean? With sharks? Right.


2 responses to “Zoot Suit Riot

  1. Oi…tramp stamp owner…why don’t they counsel you when you come in at the ripe old age of 23?

    • maggiebahnson

      I got my lower back tattoo when I was 18. One afternoon in Burlington, VT, I walked into a tattoo parlor, flipped through a book and pointed at something. If I could do it over, I’d erase that tramp stamp and get a different tramp stamp. Oh well. I still have a few free spots for future tattoos — perhaps down the side of my thigh like on the featured wetsuit? Or not.

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