P-Nizzle’s 1st Birthday

In the Bahnson tradition of first birthdays, F traded in lab coat for apron and made cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, but the Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. As the birthday girl, Tingting got to choose what color frosting she wanted. (By coincidence, she chose green, which is what Ayay chose on her first birthday. Perhaps that means Ting will follow in Ay’s footsteps and prefer pink and purple from here on out?)

We were so excited to give Tingting her first cupcake — 1) because it represented her 1st birthday and 2) because we LOVE cupcakes. Although Tingting has been sick as a dawg this week, with goop and snot pouring out of her eyes, nose and mouth, we still thought she’d devour this cupcake, like any Bahnson would do in sickness or in health.

When presented with the cupcake, Tingting spent a lot of time exploring the frosting, squishing it in between her fingers and applying it as face cream and hair mousse. When we finally got her to taste the frosting…she gagged! Yes, GAGGED! Then, she mashed the cupcake up in her hands and tried giving it back to me. I tried giving it back to her by setting the pieces back on her plate. Oh boy, she did NOT like that. She then picked up the plate and threw it onto the floor. Crash! Cupcake Denied!

The elder daughter happily ate her cupcake while F and I stood there shocked by Tingting’s complete rejection of the cupcake. We are beginning to wonder about our youngest. Tingting enjoys holy water and gags on a cupcake? Whose child is this?


Testing it out...

Testing it out...

She's just not that into it.

She's just not that into it.


5 responses to “P-Nizzle’s 1st Birthday

  1. Uh-oh. Maybe this means she’s gonna grow up to be some weirdo health nut!

  2. perhaps she’d like a nice broccoli salad instead?? what sort of child did you two create? I am going to have to do some sort of therapeutic cake intervention with her or something.

  3. Broccoli is good. I’m surprised, since when I babysit I make her broccoli cupcakes all the time and she just scarfs ’em. Maybe you didn’t put in enough garlic?

  4. OH MY GOD! I made the same cupcakes for Charlie’s party!

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