Just Dance

“Today is my dance show!!! I get to do my lilac dance!!!!” Ayay exclaimed yesterday morning.

Ayay had her first dance performance yesterday. As a lilac, she pointed her toes, swayed her arms, plied, sashayed and pranced around the stage, and blew kisses to the audience…all this while wearing a velvety purple tutu. It was like one of her dress-up sessions all played out under bright lights, with loud pretty music overhead and dozens of adoring people watching her. Of course, she loved every second of it.



2 responses to “Just Dance

  1. she looks beautiful as usual.

    Lolo and Nana Joy

  2. And I heard, (on good authority!), that she was very attentive, had a beautiful “ballet”
    face and very graceful arms.
    The prettiest lilac in the bunch, no doubt.

    Nana Debbie

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