You Say Buddha, Ay Says Booty

Ayay, her Tita and I were walking downtown the other day when we passed a shop with a Laughing Buddha statue in the window.

“Mommy! We have one of those!” Ayay dramatically stated in her loud 4-year-old voice.

“You’re right, we do,” I responded as we continued walking past the door of the shop.

Still in loud-4-year-old-voice-mode, now filled with excitement and glee, Ayay blared, “It’s a BOOOOOTY!”

The owner of the store was standing in the doorway. With a look of surprise and amusement he turned to us, “A booty?”

“A Booo-DA. It’s a Booo-DA,” I said to Ayay.

Kids say the darndest things don’t they?

Our Happy Booty. I mean, Buddha.

Our Laughing Booty, I mean Buddha. Rub his booty, I mean belly, for good luck.


5 responses to “You Say Buddha, Ay Says Booty

  1. My kids know Buddha. We have lunch with him at Natural Cafe. They know “booty” too. When I come out of the shower or change they stand behind me, smack my rump and giggle “Booty, what you doing booty?” How this started, I don’t remember, but it nevers ends. One day they are going to be mortified to know that they did that! I of course will tell them discretely 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. Zoey went through a phase where she called blueberries “boobies”. Loudly. In the produce aisle at Safeway.

    • maggiebahnson

      Now boobies is a whole ‘nuther story. I know we can go on and about boobies and nipples and what kids say out loud in public places about both of those things!

  3. I remember my big boy being about 18 months and insisting a big Buddha was a big “baby,” and wanting to sit on his lap! I hope it wasn’t disrespectful, cuz we let him.

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