Morning Sweets

I’m a morning person. I’ve always been a morning person. This is a good thing because both of my kids are morning people. 

Tingting wakes up around 5am. As I carry her through the house, she pants and whines and frantically searches left and right for her morning fix of milk. (I know the feeling. It’s like me with my morning coffee.) We settle into the couch, she guzzling away while I doze off with my cheek resting on the top of her fuzzy head. If I’m really lucky, she’ll go back to sleep for another half an hour after finishing her milk; however, for the most part, she’s up for the day.

By 6:00 or so, I settle Tingting into her highchair for some real breakfast, but I can sense she’s getting antsy. She wants her big sister to wake up. Every now and then, between fistfuls of waffle and spoon-fed bites of yogurt, Tingting glances over her right shoulder toward the bedroom she shares with Ayay. She’s hoping a sound will come out of the room indicating that Ayay is awake. Tingting will even go so far as to try and climb out of her chair. If she had her way, she’d climb out, crawl to the bedroom, climb into Ayay’s bed and wake her up.

Soon enough, we hear, “Mommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee! I’m awake! Come into my roooooom!”

Tingting’s eyes light up and a huge smile spreads across her face. She lets out a squeal as her arms and legs start beating with happiness. I shimmy her out of her highchair and carry her into the bedroom.

When we get into the bedroom, Tinging and I settle into bed with Ayay. Tingting pats Ayay and then opens up her arms to give her big sister a good morning hug. They embrace for a few seconds, let go, giggle at each other, exchange some words and babbles and then embrace again and again and again. Once the good morning hugs are over, Tingting tips over into Ayay’s bed of fluffy pillows and blankets and then rolls around while clutching an armful of her big sister’s favorite stuffed animals. Meanwhile, Ayay pats Tingting’s belly, gives her pillows to lay on, strokes her cheeks or simply lets her baby sister climb all over her. We spend a good 10 minutes like this and it is, without a doubt, the sweetest part of the day.


4 responses to “Morning Sweets

  1. That gave me a big smile!

  2. wow…are you sure you don’t want to swap kids sometime? Boys are just so aggressive! I mean, H is kind to Charlie, but their ‘affection’ is tackling each other like puppies…

  3. Thanks for sharing that. I can just feeeel them cuddling all over!

  4. Awww that was too cute!

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