I’m always been the dumpee, never the dumper. Not once have I broken up with a boyfriend. Sadly, I have always been one to hang on for dear life. Since meeting and marrying F, my days of being dumped have long been over. Or so I thought.

Tonight I realized I had been dumped…on Facebook.

I know there’s no need to explain Facebook. You’re on it. Your boss is on it. Your doctor is on it as well as your 90-year-old grandmother.  Most of the 10-year-old children you work with are on it, AND they probably access it through their IPhones. 

I try to keep my friends to a minimum, which right now is 100. Yeah, not a small number, but compared to my brother’s 362 friends, 100 is much more manageable. (He’s always been the more social and outgoing one. It makes sense he has over 3 times as many friends as I do.)

You’ve probably guessed I’ve been dumped, or “de-friended” if you will, by one of my Facebook friends. I completely understand the concept and desire to “de-friend” others. If you have too many Facebook friends and never have contact with some of them, or if you simply don’t give a hoot that that particular “friend” is eating a taco while taking a dump again, then go ahead and de-friend that person. But my question is this: Why “friend” me in the first place if you’re going to turn around and “de-friend” me when I least expect it? Or in dating terms: Why ask me on several dates, tell me you love hanging out with me and then just stop talking to me one day?

I guess that friend was just not that into me.

(For the record, I’m really not that upset about this. Surprised, yes, but it’s nothing I’ll lose sleep over. Now that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and de-friend me, because if you’re reading this, you’re one of my Tier 1 Facebook friends. I won’t de-friend you, so you better not de-friend me. Ha ha ha!)


5 responses to “Dumped

  1. I totally agree with this. Why friend me in the first place?! I’m pretty sure I was Facebook dumped by one of my 8th grade teachers…I mean, really?

    • maggiebahnson

      By your former teacher? Really? Doesn’t that teacher realize what that would do to a student’s self-esteem?!?!

  2. I know, right? I was randomly checking my friend’s list one day and realized he wasn’t on it anymore. Strange. Of course, that made me paranoid that other people had dropped me too, but I haven’t noticed any other dissings.

  3. Your teacher?! That’s just mean! This is why Facebook is the devil! I know someone who changed their status from “single” to “in a relationship with” too early for the girl he was in that “relationship” with, and she ended whatever they had right there and then…all because of the stupid facebook status!

  4. Yeah, I’ve totally been Facebook dumped…it was after an awkward situation with a friend, turns out shes’ a little crazy…but she de-friended the others involved while they were in the middle of a game of word twist…lame, super lame 😉

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