Monday Surprises

Three things surprised me today:

1) I woke up with a serious burning sensation on my neck which turned out to be a mark resembling a hickey, but was NOT a hickey. I repeat, it was NOT a hickey. Seriously, I haven’t had a hickey since…ever? (Though perhaps F wishes it were a hickey?) This hickey-looking-non-hickey was actually the result of my wetsuit rubbing the wrong way during my hour-long ocean swim yesterday morning. Ouch. Well, better it chafed my neck than anywhere else, eh?

2) After Ayay’s prompting, I attempted what she called a “sugarplum dive.” Start with a bunny hop and make a forward diving motion with your arms before going into a cartwheel. She did about 50 sugarplum dives, each with a 20 foot running start. I did 2 before my shoulders started feeling funny. And when I say funny, I mean they hurt. Despite my swim/bike/run training, it seems I’m getting too old for the basic cartwheel.

3) At the local grocery store, I was going through the packages of chicken breasts trying to find 3 packages to total my desired 3 lbs of chicken. When I thought I found the perfect package of 2 skinless/boneless breasts, something caught my eye. Is that a long dark hair? In the middle of a sealed package of raw chicken breasts? Surprise! Ewwww.


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