Survival of the Wedded

Challenging but peaceful bike ride along Mountain Drive.

Brunch consisting of apple beignets and delicious egg scrambles.

Afternoon massages and window shopping.

Fancy dinner of wine, scallops and seared tuna.

Morning bagels with the girls.

Family trip to the beach while I did my ocean swim.

BBQ with friends and family followed by ICE CREAM.

That was our anniversary weekend. It revolved around our favorite things — outdoor physical activity, a little pampering and a lot of good food, with and without our 2 lovely girls.

Here’s to 6 years of wedded bliss, though we should also be celebrating surviving another year of surgery residency. There’s a reason why 90% of the surgery residents aren’t married. And there’s a reason why so many surgeons get divorced.  F and I are fortunate enough to be steady and strong.  2 years down, 3 to go. Of the residency. Of marriage…a 50th Anniversary would be pretty cool.


4 responses to “Survival of the Wedded

  1. Congrats on year #6! You guys are the same as us! I’ve been thinking a lot about the marriage rates, and I think that the thing that will get you and I through is that we don’t depend on our spouse for our happiness…they make us happy, for sure, but we are good at being our own people, too. You guys are an amazing couple and it shows!

    • maggiebahnson

      Thanks! Sheesh, could you imagine if we depended on our spouses for our happiness? I would be seriously depressed right now, or I would have taken the money and run a while ago!

  2. happy anniversary!

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