On Your Mark, Get Set…ICE CREAM!

We took the family down to Nite Moves, a weekly event during which athletes young and not-as-young can enjoy a 1K ocean swim or a 5K run, or if you’re really looking for a party, the 1K swim/5K run Biathlon.

Ayay was psyched to do the Kids’ Dash – a brief jog around the beach. After I finished my race, she exploded with, “Mommy, mommy. I’m going to do my race! Is it time for the Kids’ Dash?”

While I chugged a freebie drink, Tingting mimicked a lady stretching nearby and Ayay tested out the sand on the Dash Course. Was my little energizer bunny developing a little something that could turn into a pre-race ritual?

Within minutes, the 4’10” and under crowd began to gather.  It was a bigger crowd than we anticipated, and Ayay started giving nervous glances here and there. Aw, come on kid. Use those nerves to your advantage, I wanted to tell her! As the kids started dashing, Ayay started freaking. When F’s encouraging words seemed to fail, Tingting and I rushed to her exclaiming, “Come on! You get McCONNELLS ICE CREAM at the end!”

Ayay’s face lit up and I knew exactly what she was thinking — Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! McConnells Ice Cream! Yum! A treeeeeeat! I wonder what kind of ice cream… And off she and F shuffled down the beach.

Between licks of her her cookie dough ice cream cone prize, she said, “I want to do the Dash again!”

Next week!

On your mark, get set, ICE CREAM!

The crowd gathers...

Getting nervous...

Getting nervous...


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