Eat, Run, Love

“So what have you been doing while you’ve been here?” a friend asks.

“Oh, you know…Eating,” I tell her.

We took the family up to PDX for a few days. While there, we ate. And ate. And ate. Grand Central Baking (three times), Petite Provence (twice), Laughing Planet for healthy/hippie burritos, Cha Cha Cha for more traditional burritos, the Thai place around the corner, Perry’s for burgers and cake, Laurelwood for burgers and beer, Burgerville for Walla Walla onion rings and blackberry shakes, and so on. Oh and F and I drank lots of coffee from Stumptown Coffee, our favorite coffee served by topnotch barristas all of whom are inked with interesting tattoos. Ah, the tattoo watching was aplenty all throughout Stumptown, the city.  And when we weren’t eating and admiring the locals’ tattoos? We hit our favorite places — Powells Books, the Japanese Garden (not so Zen-ful with little kids who want to rearrange the expertly tended rock gardens), the Zoo, Jamison Square, Laurelhurst Park. And of course I had to burn off at least a few calories with some runs, through Sellwood, on the Springwater Corridor, in Forest Park and along the Waterfront, where I stopped to gaze at the gazillions of bike commuters streaming across the Hawthorne Bridge.

Ah, we sure do love the City of Roses. So much to eat, I mean do, and so little time. To those of you with whom we couldn’t visit, I apologize. The eating got the best of us. But perhaps 3 years from now, the Bahnsons will once again call the lovely P-town home.


I Heart Oregon


One response to “Eat, Run, Love

  1. I miss Portland so much! We just found out that there is most likely not a job there for next year…so we’ll just keep on trying! Maybe we’ll end up there at the same time?!

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