We left Ayay with F’s parents so she could spend 5 days on their farm outside of Seattle.

5 days. Without me. She’s in Washington, while I am in Santa Barbara. Ahhhh!

I’m having separation anxiety, but apparently things have been farm-tastic with Ayay feeding goats, collecting chicken eggs, picking blueberries.  And there’s still time for Ayay to engage in some very necessary imaginary play.

F’s mom sent us the following story via email:

Cecilia is playing with three “My Little Ponies”.

“This is Roselina Petal,  this is Petal Flower Sparkle!”

“And who is this?”


Yup, everything is exactly right for Ayay on Fall City Farms.


4 responses to “Kevin

  1. Just read this and made the connection! She’ll have so much fun, but I get the missing her…I’m nervous but excited to leave the kids with my parents for Hawaii…

  2. That’s where Fred grew up?! Amazing!

    • Yes, isn’t it beautiful?!?! His parents have done a lot of work on it over the years. They’ve really made it into an amazing, special place for their family, friends, and customers.

  3. Haha Kevin. Reminded me of up. I bet Kevin is also a girl! 😉

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