4-Year-Old Fitness

Ayay and her friend A were the only 2 kids in their gymnastics class this past week. They were having a blast with their teacher, practicing handstands on the springy floor, straddle jumping down the tumble track, learning assisted back handsprings, and doing tricks off the springboard.

About 30 minutes into class, two tall, fit, 20+ year old guys walked in and briefly chatted with Ayay’s gymnastics teacher. As they chatted, Ayay and her friend continued practicing cartwheels and tuck jumps across the floor while giggling and shouting with glee.

As the 2 fellows left the gym, they glanced at the super energetic, super happy 4-year-olds sprinting to the next apparatus. The tall guy said to the slightly taller one, “We should all feel that way about fitness.”

So true.


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