All By Ourselves…

F moved out last night. Contrary to what you may think, I was not so fed up with the life of a surgery resident’s wife that I kicked him to the curb. He left voluntarily, sort of.

F is spending the next 2 months in LA doing a required trauma rotation at the Los Angeles County Hospital. Lucky F will be treating, among other emergencies, real gang members with real gunshot wounds, in contrast to the poorly stabbed gang members he gets here in SB. As they say in his program, he’ll start the 2 month rotation a boy and come out a man. A tired man, but a man nonetheless. He’ll be on a schedule of On Call, Post-Call, Pre-Call. On-Call being he reports at 6am for a full 24+ hours of treating emergency trauma patients. On-Call bleeds into Post-Call when, after checking on patients, he gets to go home 30+ after he started his On-Call Day. The next day is Pre-Call — back to work at 6am and home around dinner time. Though considering F had lunch at 4:30pm today, dinner could be as late as 10pm. The next day starts the cycle again: On-Call, Post-Call, Pre-Call. Cycle, repeat. At least he has every 6th day off…to sleep.

As for me, I’m at home in SB with the girls, carrying on with our day-to-day routines. We’ll do some short trips to LA now and then, but for the most part, we’ll be having girls-night every night at our house.

Hmmm…F goes into the 2-month rotation a boy and gets to come out a man? Me, I’m going into the next 2 months an already frazzled at-home mom, and I may come out having to check myself into the loony bin!


3 responses to “All By Ourselves…

  1. Very well done. Were proud of you.Mom and Dad

  2. Take care of yourself and the girls. Be careful always. Were thinking of all of you and praying for your safety . We love you.. Mom and Dad

  3. AAAHHH! I can not IMAGINE having my husband gone for two months. YOU ARE A SAINT. Hang in there!!

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