Stayin’ Alive

There’s no doubt about it, October has been a tough month, probably the toughest month since the start of F’s residency. With F in Los Angeles and the female contingent of the Bahnson family here in Santa Barbara, all aspects of our lives have been challenged.

Here in SB, the month has been going surprisingly better than expected. When you have such low expectations, there’s no where to go but up, right?

The girls have been doing their usual routines in a rather happy-go-lucky way. As for me, I’ve had no major meltdowns, screaming fits, tantrums or time-outs. See, I told you things have been going well! Just when I’m on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion or frustration, Ayay and Tingting come to the rescue. Just tonight I stood for a moment in the mess of a kitchen I had to clean for the umpteenth time today. Ayay jumped down from her seat at the table and ran over to me to give me the most loving hug. Tingting saw Ayay, momentarily stopped her activity of pulling all the large Tupperware containers out of the cabinet, and came to give me one of her hugs. Ahhhhh. All of my tension melted away in an instant.

Low expectations, and really 2 extremely wonderful daughters who know their mother so well, have kept us going this month. Let’s hope we can keep it up for another month!



Going Strong!




3 responses to “Stayin’ Alive

  1. Hang in there! And wait, don’t you get one minute of time out for every year of age? That scores ME slightly more than a half hour every time I have a temper tantrum, so I try to regularly schedule meltdowns throughout my day. Something new to try?? 😉

  2. obviously, by “mess of a kitchen”, you mean that there was a spoon on the counter. and a crumb on the floor. right?? jeez, maggie, that’s terrible. pull it together . . . . 🙂

    • Ha! Actually, I think there were TWO crumbs on the floor and a dish in the sink. I’ve really let the place go since Fred’s been gone! ha ha

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