Well, October proved to be ok without F, but November is turning out to be disastrous. Ok, ok, it’s not that bad, really. But my patience is wearing extremely thin, as in, there’s absolutely none left to go around. Mommy tantrums are becoming more frequent, and if you peek into my recycling bin, you’ll notice an influx of empty pinot bottles.

After apologizing to my kids for yet another tantrum, I sat down at the table with them during lunchtime.

“I’m sorry for getting so angry. I’m just getting frustrated more easily right now,” I told the girls.

“Is it because you wish Daddy was home to do stuff?” Ayay asked.


“Well, you just need to always look at the sign hanging in our kitchen that says Adjust,” she advised me.

In our kitchen hangs this sign that F’s sister made for him. It’s a replica of one their mom has had hanging in their kitchen. It was their dad’s saying in response to complaining about stuff that wasn’t going to change. Their dad would simply point at the sign. Adjust.

“When did you get so wise?” I asked Ayay. From now on (or at least until November 30) that shall be my mantra: Deep breath, sip of pinot and Adjust, Adjust, Adjust. Deep breath, sip of pinot and Adjust, Adjust, Adjust…


3 responses to “Adjust

  1. Now that is GOOD! I love that. We should make T-shirts. ADJUST, Do It. ha ha. Love that saying! I am stealing that one!

  2. wow…I think I’ll have to make a sign like that! Sometimes kids just get it, and it always astounds me.

    For the record, you’re doing a fantastic job!

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