Oh, Santa Barbara

After a weeklong trip to the mid-west, we are back in Santa Barbara. Visiting Wisconsin was great and during this most recent trip, I was convinced that I wanted to move to and settle in beautiful Southeastern Wisconsin with its changing seasons, genuinely friendly people and  mix of forests, farms and lakes.

The morning after our return to SB, I went for a run on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During the entire run, all I could think was WOW. The beauty of Santa Barbara was astounding that morning. When I flip through running magazines and see pictures of runners along beautiful trails with mountain backdrops, I think to myself, “I wanna be there.” And I am! Only better because not only am I on a trail with mountains in the background, but also the ocean is just a stride, trip and a tumble away.

After my run, I told F that in two and a half years, when he’s done with his residency and we move to somewhere else, he’ll have to take me away from SB kicking and screaming. Thank goodness I’ve got two and a half years left to enjoy paradise.


3 responses to “Oh, Santa Barbara

  1. I was amazed at how it took my breath away after seeing it again for the first time in a year and a half. I actually said to josh “we used to LIVE here?!?!”

    • I know, it’s amazing! Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is as I go about my day-to-day routines. I think we are very lucky that we can say, “Yeah, I used to live in Santa Barbara!”

  2. I’ve been feeling much the same way…glad to be ‘home’ in Oregon, then homesick for New England. I think that what it really says about us, is that we’re positive people who will find fun and joy wherever we live!

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