My Husband Is Not Tom Selleck

**Please note: This post was reviewed and fully approved by my husband.

While F was in LA completing his trauma rotation, he decided to grow a beard. I thought it looked great, but all the hair was irritating his skin, and he was growing tired of getting food stuck in it, so he decided to shave it off. While he was shaving, he wanted to see what he would look like with just a mustache. I’m not one who gets easily disgusted by my husband, at least not physically. He really is an attractive 30-something who keeps himself clean, tidy and well-dressed. However, when  he walked into the room with his mustache, I immediately cringed, turned away and felt a strong desire to puke. I couldn’t even look at him! Here, take a peek:

Ugh. I just cringed again. I can’t even look at it!

F posted the above picture on his Facebook profile page with the following status: F Bahnson wants to know where the ladies at. And if anyone’s selling, I’m in the market for an ’82 Trans Am, or a Firebird if the price is right.

And some of the comments he received from his friends in response to his posting included the following:

Hey man–I think I know someone who knows a place where we can find somebody who’ll hook you up. Hit me up on my cellie!

Good heavens, man.

wow!!! im speechless

you should definitely be wearing v-neck t-shirts. if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, right?

And my personal favorite:  u totally look like a murderer. no offense. a bad murderer too. not just a one time kind of a murderer. if u get that car that will definitely complete the look!

Thank goodness he shaved that thing off. No offense to men with mustaches. Tom Selleck wears it well as does one of my high school English teachers. (Shout out to Mr. Scanlon!) But F…well, the mustache doesn’t really work for him. I mean, would you trust this man with your life, or your children?

Surgeon turned criminal?


5 responses to “My Husband Is Not Tom Selleck

  1. Yup. If I were sick and in the hospital, and he walked in my room, I’d be all “dude, shave the nasty mustache and then we’ll talk about you cutting in to me”. I’m a fan of the clean-shaven look myself, although sometimes (at least once a year) my husband mistakenly thinks he can grow a goatee, and make it look nice. He can not. And I remind him of that every. single. time. (Because seriously? Men have wives so they don’t run around looking like criminals or used-car-salesmen.) 😉

  2. Maggie, this post made my day!

  3. Oh my God, this is hillarious! During intern year, all the guys agreed that they’d grow a mustache during their life-flight month…it was awful! I think there’s still a picture on my facebook album…he looked like a creepy guy who should be driving a windowless van!

    • It definitely takes a certain man to pull off a mustache. I know several who can do it. Obviously I’m not married to one of them!

  4. We love Fred and we think hes good looking. IN fact he looks a surgeon with his beard,etc. He looks look with it, but with only his mustache.. ????. He can be mistaken for a criminal sentenced to be in jail for the rest of his life. Love u all. Mom and Dad , Isabelle, Batchoy and Parker.

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