So I Wish I Could Dance

I’ve mentioned before how much I wish I could dance. Like really dance. Like dance for a living, and I don’t mean pole dancing. My favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance which debuted in May of 2005, just after Ayay was born. I was a fan from Season 1 and have continued to be impressed by the performances on the show. I have a strong appreciation and love for dance, and for some reason I felt the desire to post my favorite performances from the 2009 SYTYCD season. Maybe these routines will inspire you to get up and dance! Maybe?

Here’s a little “gravity-less dancing:”

Want some Pop Jazz?

Here’s a dose of Contemporary:

And now a sizzling, sexy cha-cha!


One response to “So I Wish I Could Dance

  1. Hi. Would you like to be on our mostly Cottage ( meaning 2 nurses, one physical therapist, one wife of a surgical resident :), and one significant other of a nurse), Cottage Tough Enough noncompetitive, slow but steady relay team?
    Let me know, we’d love to have you.

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