Taylor or Gaga?

“Can we listen to Taylor Swift?” Ayay asked in the car.

“Sure, which song?”

“The Juliet one. I’m going to sing along,” she answered.

What is it about Taylor Swift that little girls (and this mother) love so much? Her pretty, sweet voice? Her melodic tunes? Her innocent lyrics? Her love of all things sparkly? Whatever it is, my friend Renee and I are ready to take our daughters to the next Taylor Swift concert that comes to town.

“Now can I hear the Bubble-Bubble-Razzi song?” she asked once Taylor’s Love Story ended.

That would be Lady Gaga’s PAPPA-pappa-razzi song.

“And after that one, I want to hear her Paper Gangsta song. Don’t want no paper gangsta…” she started to sing.

Yes, I know. The Gaga concert will have to wait until she’s at least 18 years old. That’s okay for now. Renee and I can hit the Gaga show on our own!

Sweet Miss Swift

Crazy Lady Gaga


One response to “Taylor or Gaga?

  1. All you’re doing is instilling in her the ability to appreciate diverse genres of music. I say BRAVO! 🙂

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