Seriously. Can’t. Ever. Leave.

I hit Mountain Drive with my i-pod and running shoes this morning. It was several peaceful miles on a rolling, winding, traffic-free road nestled in the foothills and with views of Santa Barbara, the ocean and the Channel Islands. Breathtaking.

Yesterday was More Mesa, a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I jogged along the edge of the cliff watching the ocean waves gently crash onto the shore as pelicans nose-dived into the water. Breathtaking.

The day before that, F pulled on his Vibram Five Fingers, I my Mizunos, and we ran (or really jogged) Jesusita Trail. We crossed the creek several times, jogged through trees, brush, grassy knolls….stopped halfway to take in the view. Yup, rolling hills and there’s the ocean. Breathtaking.

After my run this morning, I texted F: Beautiful run on Mountain Drive. Seriously. Can’t. Ever. Leave.

To which he responded: Yeah…that’s going to be tough.

Boo hoo! Because when it comes to running, there’s no place like Santa Barbara. Seriously.


3 responses to “Seriously. Can’t. Ever. Leave.

  1. i just have three things to say:
    1. laurelhurst park
    2. portland waterfront, midsummer at dusk
    3. Must.Come.Back.

  2. Sorry sister M, but wife M is right. We currently live in a town where, within the city limits, there are at least a half-dozen trails/running routes that have been or could be featured in running magazines as “run with best view” or “most amazing trail run you should run before you die.” Laurelhurst, Forest Park, the Portland waterfront are all beautiful in their way, but they can’t match what S.B. has for view, year-round access, number, distance and variety of both trail and road running… This town has not one, but TWO annual ultramarathons, one of which features competition by world class runners and is run entirely on trails. And several of those world-class runners live here, because, well, there just aren’t many places that can compete for locations to run. This place isn’t perfect, but for running – this may just be as good as it gets.

  3. That sounds beautiful!

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