These are My Obsessions…

I easily become obsessed with things…a flashy pair of Nikes, my 5th pair of Lululemon groove pants and purple remix sweatshirt to go with it, Bikram yoga, coconut water, my Swiffer sweeper and duster. Two of my biggest obsessions of 2009 (and 2010) include Lady Gaga  — yes, still, but come on, she’s a fascinating specimen — and the show Glee. Why Glee? Because it’s clever, funny, crass and I’ve always wanted to be able to sing as good as the Glee kids. While I have a knack for music, having studied piano and french horn while singing in the school choir from elementary school through college, I never had the vocal chops to make it into my high school a capella group, the Acapelicans. (Our mascot was the pelican.)

My brother sent me the following video — a perfect marriage between Gaga and Glee.


3 responses to “These are My Obsessions…

  1. Zoey and I both love Lady Gaga and I’ve never watched Glee…but everyone tells me it’s awesome! I need to rent the first season so I can catch up. 😉

  2. ILOVE this! I love Glee…I discovered it on Hulu, then I was hooked. Such a smart and funny show!

  3. I’m so happy to know there are folks out there who appreciate this as much as I do! And Glee really is a great show!

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