No, that’s not an ache. Just keep running. It’s nothing. No, it really does NOT ache. Still? No it’s not aching. But the right shin feels normal. In fact, I feel nothing on the right shin. Why am I noticing my left shin? Because it’s aching? No, it’s not aching. It’s just an odd run today. That’s all.

That was my inner running dialogue this last week. My latest run was an easy recovery run on trail. By the end of the run, I couldn’t ignore the subtle ache anymore, and the ache was still there as I went about the rest of my day. Not pain, just an ache.

My friend Drea, the most hard-working and successful runner/athlete I know, and highly experienced with shin pain, suggested one week off of running and lots of ice and ibuprofen. That and a new pair of shoes. Alrighty. I’ll take her advice in a heart beat, especially the new shoes part!

So here I am, sidelined for a week, spending some time doing more Bikram yoga and taking spin classes, thinking about new shoes and watching the Olympics while I ice my shin, and crossing my fingers and toes that this lasts just one week.


5 responses to “Sidelined

  1. Any improvement yet? Remind me to show you exercises!

  2. Great! Now I won’t be the only one on our Tough Enough team that’s in the wheelchair division. Should I find a tandem wheelchair and we can just share legs?

    • ooh, tandem wheelchairs during Tough Enough! I bet that’s never been done. We can for sure break a course record, along with several body parts.

  3. Oh! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday!

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