Love Affair

I’m a shoe girl, what can I say? I cannot walk into a shoe store or shoe department without touching nearly every single pair of shoes on display. My own shoes spill into various closets and baskets throughout the house. I get it from my mother. And Ayay is getting it from her mother. Materialistic? Probably. But my theory is we are descendants of Imelda Marcos, so we can’t help our genes. (And better I be addicted to shoes than, say, crack. Right? I thought so.)

I go through phases of shoe envy. When I was teaching full-time in Portland, I had every style and color of Dansko clogs. When we moved to Santa Barbara in the summer of 2007, I felt that every beach required a different color and brand of flip flop.  As we moved into fall and winter, I realized that the mild, dry weather was very conducive to wearing flats. So, my closet is a rainbow of muted, shiny, bold and bedazzled flats. Then in May of 2008, Tingting was born, I developed a case of plantar fasciitis, and I decided to leave work and spend my days walking the zoo, chasing kids around local parks and sprinting after them through grocery store parking lots. It was a natural progression toward my latest love affair with running shoes…particularly Nikes.

The Objects of My Affection:

The Objects of My Affection: 1 for running and 2 for "work." Shhhh, don't tell my husband!

For the record, I actually train in one pair of my Nikes, along with a pair of Saucony. While the Saucony running shoes are comfortable and highly functional, they don’t make me feel all giddy inside, like the Nikes do.


6 responses to “Love Affair

  1. Love it! I love shoes particularly because they’re the one thing that you can wear no matter your size and shape and they’ll make you look and feel phenomenal!

    • EXACTLY! You and I will have to go shoe shopping one of these days…if F and I end up in Oregon/Washington, we can meet up for a half-marathon and some post-race shoe shopping!

  2. Fantastic! Shoes are therapy. I’m going to start writing that in on my treatment plans for clients: “Purchase one pair of shoes per month, for a bazillion consecutive months.” Come back to Portland. Imelda misses you!

  3. I am SO in love with my Nike Lunar Glides.IT’s ridiculous. Especially one particular pair of them. When that pair breathes it’s dying breath, I’m just going to sit down and bawl.If my feet weren’t the size of Texas I’d have them in every color. The bright ones draw attention to the absolute ginormity of my feet. Seriously though, my Dansako clogs got my plantar under control what with the way I use them as a stretching platform to calf stretch intermittently throughout my work days.

    • The Lunar Glides are seriously the most comfortable pair of running shoes I’ve ever worn. I had never worn Nikes for running, so I was skeptical, but holy moly they are heaven on my feet! And my feet are ginormous, too. I look like I have big bright turquoise canoes on my feet!

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