What is Sleeping In?

My daughter asked me that this morning. Ugh. Will I forever be sleep-deprived? When will I start to look young again?!?!?!?


6 responses to “What is Sleeping In?

  1. Not until you look old, or even kind of old, or even a little sort-of eventually-she’ll-be old. After that you can look young again.

    • That’s very nice of you! But I definitely look OLDER. Cecilia was looking at my picture from 3 years ago and she told me I looked so much younger in the picture. I blame the kids! Ha ha.

  2. Answer: ‘something you will understand when you are a teenager’. Seriously, I hear that you can’t get an adolescent out of bed before noon to save your life. It gives me hope.

  3. Fred must be tired too. I saw him at work tonight, at hour 12, and was too tired to say, “HEY, I get to run with Maggie Friday” and he either didn’t see me or pretended not to because he was too tired to do the small talk thing. My boys are 6 and 11 now and with ear plugs in ( to drown out the punching,hurling of insults, and minor hemorrhaging), I can sleep in until 9 on mornings I don’t have to be anywhere .Happens on a biannual basis 🙂

    • maggiebahnson

      Biannual sleeping-in would work for me! And yes, Fred is tired…beyond tired really. I try hard not to complain about sleep deprivation because he’s 1000 times more sleep deprived than I am. But he’s still a very effective surgeon, of course!

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