Half Time

I’m running the Cheseboro Half Marathon on Saturday. I signed up for this race to get myself prepared for Are You Tough Enough, which I’ll write more about another day. The last time I ran a half marathon was almost 4 years ago in Portland, after which I started branching out into the swim/bike/run world of triathlon in order to preserve my knees.

Over the past 12 weeks, I’ve ditched swimming and biking (with the exception of my favorite spin class now and then) to focus solely on running. To my surprise, my body has held up quite well. Other than one week off to nurse an achy shin, I’ve managed to stay right on track with my training schedule. Initially, my goal for this race was to finish in under 2 hours and 5 minutes, which was my half-marathon time 4 years ago.  But I chose this particular race because more than half of the half is on trail. So, given that I run slower on trail, my new goal is to simply finish strong and happy.

I must say that training for this half marathon has me thinking about a future full marathon. My last marathon was the Portland Marathon in 2004, and I can’t quite remember how I made it through those 16+ mile training runs or the actual marathon itself. It’s all a big blur. So why not refresh my memory? Registration for the Nike Women’s Marathon is coming up. It’s a lottery, but I plan to register and if my name is drawn…well, I suppose that’s the running gods’ way of telling me to let my wetsuit and road bike gather more dust, for the summer will be all about running. Anyone want to join me?


4 responses to “Half Time

  1. Nike! Gal, do the SB one for your first one back, please, come on….too easy on the family, fun to train with lots of people, perfect time of year. Too tough to travel up to SF with little kids and n MD hubby. Stay local.

    • Oh, but I’m thinking a weekend AWAY from kids and hubby! hee hee! Also, Fred wants to run the half marathon option of the SBIM, and I told him I’d run that with him.

  2. Hmmm, well. Check out my pics on facebook of last years Nike marathon. They are buried somewhere in the albums, Octoberish. Also, don’ forget that hot firemen intuxedos hand you a Tiffany necklace when you finish. Oh, and there’s a chocolate mile, sponsored by Ghiradelli. Do BOTH!!!!!!!!!SB AND Nike. Limp like a girl.

    • If I ever get back on facebook (still waiting to hear back on how to reactivate my account after that hacking debacle last weekend) I’ll check your pics. I told Fred about the Tiffany necklace. His response was, “Can’t you buy your own Tiffany necklace for the amount it will cost you to register and pay for a hotel?” Dare I mention the hot firemen in tuxedos?

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