She Had Me At Hello

The other day, I happened upon a blog called Running Skirts. It’s a running blog written by 2 moms (twins, in fact) who started a company that makes and sells running skirts. Being a gal who loves both running and running skirts, I was hooked on the blog and on their products at their running skirts website. But I already have 4 running skirts. I wasn’t in the market for another skirt. Or so I thought, until…

Yesterday afternoon, I went to pick up my race packet for this weekend’s half-marathon. As I was browsing the various booths at the adjacent Sports Expo, who should I see but one of the Running Skirt twins (Cindy? or Christy?) surrounded by running skirts of all patterns. I was mesmerized by the twin…so leggy…and pretty…confident and happy…and, from what I’ve gathered from her blog, quite a fabulous and accomplished runner.

“Hi! Have you worn a running skirt before?” Cindy/Christy asked. (I do apologize for not knowing which twin was at the Expo. My guess is it was Cindy.)

“Uh-huh,” I answered, overwhelmed by how nice and pretty and tall she was and by how darn cute the skirts were. And, oh my goodness, is Cindy/Christy wearing knee socks with her floral running skirt?! (VERY cute on her, but I could never confidently don the knee socks. They’d just make my short legs look shorter and my big thighs look bigger.)

“What’s your size? Here try this one on.”

She handed me the pink skirt with white polka dots, the one I had been fondling while chatting with her. Despite the fact that I immediately fell in love with the skirt, I ended up getting a floral print skirt instead, mainly because if I had purchased the pink and white polka dotted skirt, I would have had to purchase a white top to wear with it. At least the floral print is a little more compatible with my current collection of running tops. I felt very proud of myself — in my act of impulse shopping, I was able to exhibit some restraint!

I guess I’m a sucker for running gear sold by energetic, kind, stylish, super-running moms. To be honest, the second I saw Running Skirt twin amidst all of her running skirts, a part of me knew I was going to be handing her my credit card within minutes. Also, there were at least half a dozen other women who came by to purchase and/or rave about these skirts, so I have a feeling this impulse buy will turn out to be quite a good investment.


2 responses to “She Had Me At Hello

  1. thank you thank you! I saw these two ladies wearing these skirts at the last race I ran and I have dreaming about the super cuteness ever since. Now, at last, I know where to get one of my very own 🙂 It is getting warmer up here, time to add another skirt to my running wardrobe 🙂

    • Ooh, you get to buy a new skirt. They have some with compression shorts underneath, some with leggings and some with briefs. Enjoy shopping! Oh, and I noticed several women wearing the skirts during my half today.

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