I willingly and excitedly sold my legs to the running devils by joining a relay team for a local race called Are You Tough Enough (AYTE.) Am I? Tough Enough? Yeah, so tough I’m shaking…and aching trying to get tough.

AYTE is a 65-mile relay race, or solo race if you are so inclined (and love inclines.) Each team consists of 5 runners who each run 2 legs throughout the day. Legs range from 3.5-9 miles, some with major leg burning elevation gain and others with knee breakingly steep downhills. None of the legs sound easy. For example:

Leg threeContinue up Gibraltar to the intersection (not marked) of Camino Cielo and Gibraltar. Bear left up Camino Cielo to La Cumbre Peak turnoff. Handoff at “Off Road Motor Vehicle Travel Prohibited” sign. Entirely uphill, maybe 1800 feet of climb. (5.4 miles)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m running the leg after the above leg, which means I’ve got 9 miles of mostly  downhill, with about 1800 feet of drop in my leg. And you runners know — downhill can be as painful, or even more painful, than uphill.  It’s going to be fun…painfully fun.

Our team is running for the pure, slow fun of it, not to break records, unless the race director opens up a wheelchair division. Then we’ll be breaking records and skulls along the way.

Which leads to our team name, conceived by our team’s mastermind and fearless leader Nichol.

DNR/DTE: Do Not Resuscitate During Tough Enough. Or simply DNR, as we are known by the competition. And how fitting is it that my surgeon husband will be sewing the DNR labels onto our bright orange tie-dyed shirts?

DNR: Do Not Resuscitate. Really, just leave us. We’ll enjoy the views.


4 responses to “DNR/DTE

  1. Oh, my…I am so excited to hear how this goes! Just let your legs swing close to the ground while gravity does its job 😉 Is that your second leg, or your first one? Yikes! You are a rock star!

  2. Ha ha!! Totally funny. Good luck with that, you crazy person!

  3. and we DID enjoy the views, didn’t we?

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