Young and Sweet, Only 17…

I was at the gym the other day talking to a woman about finding time to workout. It was 8:45am, and she asked me why I was at the gym instead of at school.

“I’m not in school. I have 2 kids so I stay home with them,” I explained.

“You have 2 kids? You look great, so in shape! I thought you were 17 years old!” she told me.

17? Really? I haven’t gotten that in at least 10 years! I was flattered, and that comment made my day. Of course, if that kind woman had only known my unhealthy habits and had seen me at 17…I swear I look and feel at least 10 times better at 32 than I did at 17. And that’s saying A LOT given I have 2 young children who have been ruling my days and nights for the past several years. I suppose having kids can wear me down but, at the same time, they motivate me to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. So kids ARE good for something,  huh? Ha ha.


2 responses to “Young and Sweet, Only 17…

  1. Maggie, you do look young and SO healthy! I’m sure you’ll be getting that compliment for years!!!

    • maggiebahnson

      Aw, that’s so nice of you to say! Thanks! We’ll see how long I can maintain my youthful appearance.

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